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31 December 2003

Lindt Ball

We made a lint ball. How good is it. Even though mum broke it, it's still totally tops I reckon.

But sadly after many days of service, Jem, Jo and I are finally selling the ball.

Want to drink at the water hole?

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Then tell me so I can add you. If you've got something different, then just use the equivalent tags. At the moment it assumes the "date" is just a date and "time" is just a time. They get combined and converted to a timestamp. So it might break if those fields are drastically different to the Blogger default. If you want to get a bit technical. And I assume everyone does.

30 December 2003

No hitting, no shooting

I spent half an hour or maybe more crawling around silly old Ghost Recon, and then at the very end I got ambushed, half my guys died but managed to kill all the bad Russians at the same time. So the mission ended successfully, half the team was dead. And I couldn't go back, so now I probably have to do the whole mission again. Bah.

To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.


13 December 2003

Political Compass

Have you always wanted to put people into little boxes, but felt that the traditional conservative-radical continuum was overly simplified? Well now you can put them into even smaller boxes with this terrific new two-dimensional model. Perfect!

I think I ended up where I expected to be, but not where I wanted to be. I'm even more hippy than the Dalai Lama. Goodness me.

Political Compass. Although it's really more of a political cartesian grid than a compass.

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