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27 September 2009

All those things

All those things

Posted by Nutloaf

Uncle Sorry

Uncle Sorry

Posted by Nutloaf

26 September 2009

Medical Practice Sign

Medical Practice Sign

Posted by Nutloaf

21 September 2009

Moving to Crucial

I've just signed up for a new Xen VM with Crucial Paradigm. It's time for what is becoming the biannual server change. I'll move the Slicehost server stuff there over the next month hopefully. Finally, I'll have decent latency. For last few years anything I've had which needed low latency I've put on my old Sol1 VM, which has 64mb RAM the poor darling. Hopefully, I can move some important sites off that one to give it some breathing speace.

The Crucial VM has 256mb RAM, like my Slicehost one, but is about $5/month cheaper. That is pretty strange. I only get 25gb bandwidth (instead of 100gb with Slicehost), but it's Australian bandwidth so it seems damn good. Maybe Slicehost haven't been dropping their prices along with everyone else. I guess we'll see how this new one goes.

(500) Days of Summer

The film that everyone loves I kind of didn't like much at all. There were lots of great bits, but overall I thought it was pretty bad. I reckon the ending pretty much destroyed the rest of the film. It didn't just flake out, it actively undermined the only parts of the film I'd like. I didn't like the independence of the Summer character, and I did like the anti-romance, anti-couple theme that seemed pretty solid until it was comprehensively smashed into tiny pieces over the last 20 minutes. I thought that Summer was turned into just another fickle girl who really did want a fairy-tale relationship. And Tom was transformed from a needy, insecure, superficial boy into a jilted victim. Except I had thought he was a great foil to the fully liberated Summer. He was appealing and sensitive and post-modern, but he couldn't get past his own hang-ups to actually make the relationship with Summer work. That would have been a good, alternative romance.

But in the end it was just another shitty Hollywood romance. Except that the sin is even greater with this film, because it flirted for so long with something deeper and more real. Only to through it all under a train.

I also didn't like the lesbian jokes, or really any of the sex jokes. They were crass and out of place, although they should have had the warning bells ringing.

20 September 2009

Wrap Long URLs with jQuery

This doesn't seem to exist on the internet, so I wrote it. It's not super great, but does the job.

$(document).ready(function () {
  $("a").each(function () {
    var t = $(this).text();
    if(t.length > 30) {
      $(this).text(t.replace(/\./g,". ").replace(/\//g, "/ "));

14 September 2009

Bear Hug

My D-O-G looks after me. Gee she likes me. She's a small animal. And gives me a great bear hug with her paws. She puts her paws around my neck and hugs me tightly.

13 September 2009

Wheelchair Empathy

The other day I brought home a rented wheelchair for one of the people in my house. I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out my wheelchair skills, and more importantly show some solidarity with those who can't walk. So I decided to wheel myself home from the chemist. I was getting pretty good so I decided to try crossing through the park. It was a bit hilly and gravelly and I was curious to know just how tough the life of the wheelchair-bound really is. Turns out it is quite tough. I got bogged on a fairly small hill and my wheels would just spin in the dirt. I felt fortunate that I could stand up if I wanted to, but I persevered wanting to demonstrate that pluck we all know that people in wheelchairs have.

After a moment, who should come to my rescue but a skinny, wobbly, 90 year old woman, struggling to stay upright on the footpath. She started to head out across the park calling out that she would come over and help me. She was very unstable and I was worried she was going to fall over. I quickly called back to explain that I didn't need help. I awkwardly tried to tell her that I could actually walk. Luckily, she turned around and made her way back to the footpath without mishap.

I felt like (and also am) a massive dope.

Attractive Qualifications

She's got terrible lot of qualifications. All the qualifications that turn the men on. It turns them OH-EN.

No Signs of Bad Languages

I can trust my boyfriend. He's alright. I don't need to bang any cups. I don't need to smash any plates. I don't need to shout or tell him off. He has no signs of bad language. No signs of wearing leather boots. No signs of wearing black balaclavas. No signs of wearing any headbands. Or rubber bands in his hair. He has no headband or rubber bands in his hair. Or any rings through his nose. He can be trusted.

12 September 2009

My Sheets

Them: [muffled] My sheets don't like using my bed.
Me: What do you mean?
Me: Oh. Why is that? Are they the wrong size?
Them: I don't know. They just keep coming away from my bed. I don't know what I did. They just keep coming away.
Me: Do you want to change them? Do you think we need to get some new ones?
Them: Yes yes. Let's get some new ones and throw these away.
Me: Alright.
Them: In my cubby house my sheets don't come away from my bed. I don't need to shout at them. I don't need to pick on them. They stay on the bed.

8 September 2009

Australian Ballet

Does anyone want to go to the Australia Ballet with me? It's only $28 for D-grade tickets (which aren't much worse than the $70 tickets). I love ballet, but I've only seen it about one time in my whole life.

Special Forces Assault Pack

Woohoo. For my birthday I got a Special Forces Assault Pack. It is the coolest. It has a water bladder and static line drop and parachute harness built in! I am going to do so much more bushwalking now.

Special Forces Assault Pack

M2281 SOF ASSAULT Pack's with 3.0 litre hydro Reservoir

This pack is designed for special-ops use .With Very High quality specifications 
It has a single pop flare sizes pouch on one side and a  double Pop-Flare Pouch
and Radio Pouch on the other side. All material is Heavy Duty auscam nylon with
double stitching
in re enforcement areas incorporated into the pack is a  Free Fall and Static Line
Jumpable w/ Built in Harness Attachment system.
The shoulder straps and waist belt are padded and have an additional fully
adjustable extreme load carry suspension system.

Good Pizza

On Sunday, I made the best vegan pizza I have ever made. It was so delicious. Almost beyond vegan belief. It didn't taste like poo or salt. It just tasted like wonderful pizza. I hope I can do it again.

7 September 2009

jQuery InnerFade

I was looking about for a jQuery slideshow sort of plugin for the Justice Tracks Collective site. There seems to be the very popular Cycle Plugin. It's quite posh but a bit basic and only deals with <img> tags. There seem to be a lot of home-made hacks around the place, none of which looked that tremendous to me. I was going to try and write my own hack, but I wasn't really looking forward to it.

Luckily, I found InnerFade, which is posh and simple and works with any sort of nodes. It works great in Firefox. Time will tell if the reason everyone else isn't using it is because it doesn't work in other browsers. Based on my extensive testing with one browser, it's cross-browser support is probably better than the rest of the site.

On another note, I'm enjoying using WordPress for the first time. Still not heaps, but building my own template from very scratch was the best thing I could have done.

6 September 2009

Kung Fu Hustle

I finally got around to seeing Kung Fu Hustle after years of people saying it is great. And it was great. Totally hilarious but it took the kung fu fully seriously. Anyone who likes kung fu or Chinese people should see this one.

District 9

I loved District 9. I'd completely forgotten what it was meant to be about when I went in, so it was extra exciting when it turned out to be about aliens. Aliens are like zombies in that they are virtually always fun to watch in films.

This film was super funny and had great special affects. And it even had a nice social message that wasn't too forced. Except it's unusual because I don't know heaps of people who will enjoy the mix of explosions, guts and social commentary. Most people I know that would find the film interesting would probably be preoccupied by the violence. Although it's pretty great violence - as violence goes it is highly recommended.

Tougher WordPress

I had to upgrade lousy WordPress today because it got a bit hacked. I gave up upgrading because it felt like I was spending every second day in the shell wgetting, untarring and relinking stuff. I also didn't like the new interface, which annoyed me even more than the one I was using. However, that obviously wasn't a great strategy, so now I've moved everything permanent outside the WordPress directory and written an upgrade script to download the install file and link the stuff into the write places. Hopefully, it will be better. I'll just have to get used to relearning a new UI every time the WordPress fellas get bored and release another one.

3 September 2009

To the club

To the club

Posted by Nutloaf

1 September 2009


If ... doesn't call me, a slap will have to be accepted. She may not like it, but that's the way it is.

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