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18 January 2011

Panaracer Hiroads

I have some pretty good 26x1.5 Panaracer touring tyres. I can't take
them to Alice Springs because the NT has too many thorns. If anyone is
interested in them, they can have them.

16 January 2011



Posted by Nutloaf

11 January 2011

The Walking Dead

My friend lent me her copy of the The Walking Dead. It's a sweet new zombie TV series. It's really trashy and really great. Heaps violent and pretty fun effects for a TV series. The acting is slightly average, but I don't think the zombie genre would be quite right without a good dose of sensationalism and overwrought panic.

The first season was only six episodes, but now I'm a bit addicted. Hurray for a second season.

5 January 2011

Drupal 7

I've just installed Drupal 7 for a new media collective website I'm working on. The latest version is looking well slick.

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