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31 August 2005

Forbes Protest

I went to the Forbes protest with Tom tonight. It was pretty fun. People were protesting all sorts of different things. We counted at least eight groups. My favourites were Christians Against Greed.

It reminded me how glad I am that we're allowed to protest in this country. I reckon I'll go to more protests, because it might be not that long before I'm not allowed to anymore.

Asked if he [Steve Forbes] understood what the protesters were fighting for, he answered: "I'm not sure quite what their demands are except they are against certain words like globalisation. And they are for the environment, they say, and other things." SMH

18 August 2005


I never got around to complaining about the lack of people at the pilgrimage. Not to say we didn't have fun - we had trem endous fun. But we sent that invitation to about 150 people I reckon. And three people came. A couple extra showed up at the end, but they missed the guts of the day. And a fine, fine day it was too.

16 August 2005

Innocent and Peaches!

by Tom French, Ryan and Jemma

Rami Rami, I ride a Rami,
Craftily, smuttily we ride amongst roses,
Rows and Rows upon Rows and Rows,
I feel excited and my heart is shattered into music composers.

Blind and suckling, crisply conscious,
It softens around me: sweet to touch,
The idea of jumping babies brings nostalgia,
Young crusts of soul, too lightly clutch.

And my Rami flys beyond the door,
Through a shadow of darkness...I make a dart,
Nipping, dodging and flipping loops,
I never wanted to die down here in Leichhardt.

It made a claim to fame,
Pulling strings and flaunting blame,
My inundated toe is a crying shame,
And finally to myself I came.

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