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17 September 2004


BJD has joined the Blog Waterhole. I don't know who you are, but welcome.

14 September 2004


If anyone wants a Gmail account, let me know.

8 September 2004

IP Banning

I've made an IP Banning Dooboobly. If you add IPs to it, people at that IP won't be able to post comments to any footboot blog. So be a bit careful with it.

Happy Typing

I'm so happy. I've been stressed as a wire bridge, about my social science project for weeks now. I haven't done much other work, because I've been so worried that I wouldn't get it finished. I read heaps, but when it came to actually writing something I couldn't think of anything at all. It's due tomorrow, and I was so scared. But I sat down this morning and it came good. I started typing and now I'm half way through. And I think the hardest bit is mostly theoreticised.

I'm not blogging again. I was just so happy I had to write something.

1 September 2004


Josh has a blog.

More MT Changes

I've closed all comments older than a month. You can open them again if you want. I've deleted a whole lot too. There were heaps. Like 1000 random spam comments. Silly spammers.

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