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22 October 2010

Before Libby

I found this behind the fridge.

4 October 2010

Day in the Dirt

Yesterday, dad, Carney and I went in a mountain biking mini-enduro race. It was way fun. We were in a team in the "recreational team" division, so we did pretty well. Nobody crashed. But we all got puffed and thirsty which I think is the main point of the event.

Funny one was we won a lot of prizes. Firstly for having such an old worn out bike they gave me stuff. Then we came third, so we got a bunch more stuff. There seem to be a lot of sponsors and nice folks donating things. Lots of money floating around these parts.

But what I learned was that mountain biking is fun, especially when you try to go fast. And I also learned that you don't crash have to crash and break an elbow every time you do it.

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