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18 December 2007

House Mouse

I just saw the cutest, tiniest mouse hop out from under our fridge. He had long, stick legs and giant, eager ears. At first I thought he was a giant cockroach, but he turned out to be an especially tiny house mouse. Emily wasn't quite as excited about our visitor as I was, but I hope he sticks around.

15 December 2007

Now the DB

Amazon SimpleDB seems to mostly complete Amazon's nifty little setup. True to their word, it is very simple. But also rather handy. It's billed by the exact amount of machine utilisation and data transfer and lets you work out how much each transaction costs. You can imagine web services which are free up to some usage threshold after which you start paying for what you use plus 10%.


Lars von Trier needs to be cloned many, many times over. His clones must then be sent out into the world to do their extraordinary work and thus save the world from itself.

He makes the most satisfying, important and complete films I have ever seen. Dogville and Manderlay have to be two of my very favourites. He's rather like the J.M. Coetzee of movies. Brutal and unrelenting and brilliantly terrific.

14 December 2007

The Protector

Matt and I spontaneously decided to watch something violent last night and we came home with The Protector. It is a strange low-budget, Thai movie set in Sydney and is about some elite Muay Thai fighting farmer lad who comes to Sydney to find some stolen elephants. Almost everything about it was totally stupid. Terrible plot, tempo, script, acting. With the exception of the fighting which was totally awesome. There is a 5 minute long, single-cut shot where the lad fights his way up five stories of some restaurant. It's one of my favourite movie scenes of all time.

Despite all the non-stop awesome fighting, Tom is probably the only person I'd recommend it to, and he thought it was shit. And Matt fell asleep in it.

Major Vote

I am trying to decide what major I should have. I have done enough subjects to get any of the economics majors, but I can only pick one.

  • Econometrics
  • Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Economics and Econometrics

Which one sounds the most fancy? The last one uses up the most courses, but it doesn't sound that fancy to me. I can probably get a minor in accounting or something as well.

12 December 2007

Jane River Adventure

A few of us folk are going on an adventure down the Jane and Franklin rivers in January. Andrew is one the folk and he made a winner map of the trip.


9 December 2007

Iemma’s Insight

There is no point in saving the planet if we ruin the economy doing it.

Morris Iemma

8 December 2007

Final Courses

I got my final marks. I did pretty good. Econometric Theory must have some crazy weighting though.

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