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16 March 2005


Econometrics is so hard. I'm doing my first tutorial and I can't answer most of the questions. But I really like it. It's so economicky. And I love economics.

9 March 2005

Wireless Network Card

I got a lovely wireless PCMCIA card for my laptop so I can use the wireless internet at university. It's quite exciting. The card is so nice and small. And you just stick it in, and it works. I'll have to try it on Tom's network next door too.

Critical Dysfunctional Mass

The last few days with Libby have been lovely but strange. And I suspect those days have led on to a day or two with myself that are strange but not so lovely. There are some things I have thought in the past 24 hours.

-I reckon I've fallen for the reliable, old mess of pretending to yourself that loving something/someone enough will make up for everything else that is wrong. -I've wondered if maybe there's a level or sort of screwed-up-ness where you become a worse partner as time goes on, rather than a better one. I'm curious to know if you can predict (on average) which direction people are likely to head. Or, more pertinentily I suppose, which direction I'm likely to head. -Life is tirelessly willing to remind me why humility is a good thing, and makes me feel like an utter fool every time I forget. -I'm kind of a jerk sometimes (although not so bad at other times). -Stabilising yourself is so, so much harder when there is stuff you're really keen not to screw up. -Whenever you feel the need to persuade someone you're not a loser, you tend to resort to strategies like humourous cruelty, detached irony, smug generalisation and bemused self-confidence. None of these actually make you any less of a loser.

And I'm sure there are other delightfully uplifting thoughts I could add if I sat here remembering for a little longer.

Just because she's smiling doesn't mean you're not a wanker. One of my quotes from the olden days


Everything today has a funny texture. My toast, my brain, my coffee, my skin and most importantly my Brekky Juice. It's hard to describe what is wrong with them all. The toast might have been a bit chewy. The brainy kind of mushy. Coffee sort of watery. Skin a bit dry. And Brekky Juice a little mouldy. But this doesn't go even a little way towards really explaining what's wrong with them. There is something much wronger than is implied by those few adjectives. I just hope that the world rights itself and stuff starts to feel normal again.

4 March 2005

Christian Doctrine

Inspired by Tom, and discovering a page on my website in the top of Google Images for some odd sorts of keywords, I decided to add a line to my Apache config.

Now the approximately 110,000 innocent, lesbian-porn-seeking surfers who search Google Images for "lesbian anime sex" (and click on the first picture) will get less lesbian anime sex and more straight, practical talk from God's word.

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