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23 December 2009

Slow Rails Tests & fixtures :all

With my latest Rails project I'm using a new version of Rails than I'd been used (my last job was over a year ago). It seemed to me that the tests had got substantially slower. Problem was fixtures :all in the test_helper.rb. I changed that and things got much quicker.

18 December 2009

DEPRECATION WARNING: ActiveRecord::Errors.default_error_messages & attachment_fu

The latest version of attachment_fu will give you this error. You need to replace a line in this file:


+ errors.add attr_name, I18n.translate('activerecord.errors.messages.inclusion') unless enum.nil? || enum.include?(send(attr_name))    
- errors.add attr_name, ActiveRecord::Errors.default_error_messages[:inclusion] unless enum.nil? || enum.include?(send(attr_name))

8 December 2009

War & Production

These are some numbers from Afghanistan.

US military expenditure for the war against (estimated): US $66 billion
GDP (Purchasing Power Parity): US $22.27 billion

So about three quarters of all money spent in that country is used for smashing and killing stuff. One quarter is used for everything else.

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