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18 December 2005

If Blogfeed were to break

Price Check Isle 3 Jenny and i are engaged. blergh! sure am feeling quite nausious right now

Fortunately, it only seems to have broken on my blog.

Funnies aside, I'm glad that Robert and Jenny got engaged.

12 December 2005

Racist Beauties

Up to 5,000 people descended on North Cronulla Beach, chanting racist slogans and attacking people of Middle Eastern appearance in what NSW Premier Morris Iemma condemned as the "ugly side of racism".

What's the pretty side of racism?

6 December 2005


Welcome to the blogfeed Steve.

4 December 2005

Money Over People

When people put money before people, it really just means they're putting themselves before other people. Money gets a really bad wrap a lot of the time, which I don't think it deserves. Money is a much better way of letting poor people hold assets than other sorts. It's anonymous and easy to hide, so it's much harder for the powerful to take it from them. Much better than land or expensive vases.

2 December 2005

Dog Poo Cement

Patent filed for dog poo cement

Just brilliant. I love Germans. And dogs. Is there anything poo can't do?

Very Marginal Style

Thanks to Alistapart and their swanky two-column fluid CSS layout tutorial, Fatvegan is now table-free. It's not any faster, or better in any way really. In fact, the divs now go about 6 levels deep, which sucks. And I had to use negative margins, which is rather dodgy and not in spirit of stylesheets. I only got rid of my tables to be more "pure". They worked fine. So I've swapped one disatisfying solution for another. But at least I'm using the same disatisfying solution as all the markup snobs, so they'll no longer mock me behind my back - you know who you are. I know you're out there... mocking me quietly. With your secret trackback networks and your CSS 4 compatible layout.

I despise you, and yet I want to be one of you. Oh cruel, unflinching web standards; how can we be one when you divide us so pitilessly?

Why, It’s Harry Potter

Lib and I, and some guys went to see Harry Potter last night at Westfield. They'd made Westfield all Christmassy, and there were all these people hanging around listening to Police Carol Singers, and to watch the fireworks which were fun. They were super loud, and I was kind of scared, so I was a bit worried about the 3000 small children running around the place. They've probably all got permanent hearing damage and represent Westfield's future personal liability lawsuits. But it was fun to be so close to the works. We could even hear the smoke whoosh as the plockets shot up.

It's all very bizarre when Westfield tries to make things community spirited, but I like it a lot. It makes me happy.

And so does Harry Potter. It was a great film. So enjoyable and exciting. And Ralph Fiennes was a good Voldemort. Lib and I saw Red Dragon the other day, and he was good in that. When we first saw Voldemort on the screen, Lib joking chuckled to me "Looks like Ralph Fiennes." Neither of use knew that she was right. I don't know how she could tell. Even when he started talking I didn't work it out.

I liked the dragon fight, but I wished that we'd seen everyone's fight and not just Harry's. I like the underwater bit also. As with the book, I found it was strange that Moody had never actually been Moody. Luckily I'd forgotten what happened in the book, so it was still a surprise. I loved the bridges in this one - both the one Harry's dragon crashed into, and the metal one that Harry and Hermione talked on. Bridges make me really excited and that made me want to go to Hogwarts more than anything else.

I liked the third Harry Potter more than this. But I liked this more than the first two. Yes. And I still like all the films more than the two books I've read. They're good films.

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