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27 November 2011


The mice have returned again the little dears. They have started to nibble on the pears and avocadoes. I have been leaving out those "happy" traps and take a couple outside to for some outdoors play most days.

The other day John found a native mouse and brought it over so the cats wouldn't eat it. It was a whole other kind of cute. Much more puffsome and round. Darker brown. Quiet. I like them.

17 November 2011

Querying certain subclasses with Symfony2 & Doctrine2

We're using Symfony2's class table inheritance and I was trying to work out how to select only some subclasses using Doctrine2. It turned out to be pretty easy.

SELECT e FROM MyCustomBundle:ParentEntity e WHERE e NOT INSTANCE OF MyCustomBundle:ExcludedChildEntity

In the discriminator map in the super class you refer to the full qualified namespace and class name (\My\CustomBundle\Entity\ExcludedChildEntity) but in the DQL it works with Symfony2's shorthand.

$builder = $repository->createQueryBuilder('entity')
                      ->where('entity NOT INSTANCE OF MyCustomBundle:ParentEntity');

5 November 2011

Friends Leaving

So some of my friends and my family are going away to Peru, and they might not come back for quite a while. It is a bit sad. I don't feel like I know what's it's going to be like after they go. This little mob wasn't the only reason I came to Alice Springs, but it was a fair bit of the reason. Now I am here I like it a lot and probably will stay here for longer. For instance, I have a nice dog having a nap on my floor and Kev Carmody is playing and we are having a nice day of pancakes, cleaning, packing, painting tables, mud-brick house scheming and saying funny things to Nina to see what funny things she says back (we do that one most days). There is not much not to love about that. Some of those things will stop happening after tomorrow, but then a lot of them will keep happening. I can even still say funny things to Nina over the interweb.

It has been a pretty marvelous desert year. Another year of experimenting with not doing much at all besides trying to be around. This one probably worked better than last year. Probably because it takes babies longer to get bored of very available friends. And dogs too, they are very patient and generous with their time.

Now I will have an awful lot of spare time. I won't much be able to get into town to use it up with town activities. So I will make up some home activities in between working a little bit but not very much. My first one is building a small house. Like a tiny house, but a tiny bit bigger than that perhaps. It will have thick heavy cool mud walls. I have been told not to get too attached to technologies when planning a house, but I have got quite attached to the idea of those nice walls. Maybe I will change my mind half-way through when I have tired of lifting and moving mud from spot to spot.

If you reached the bottom of this you should come and visit us here one day. It is good.

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