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30 December 2012

Excluding men’s shorts

Excluding men's shorts

25 December 2012

Found your car in river

Found your car in river

Some folks I know had this left on their car one time. The back story kind
of tells itself

Privilege Club

Privilege Club

I feel like I've already seen this exact thing in some anti-oppression
spoof zine somewhere. Are these guys for real? A "privilege club"?



This ad does not make me want to live there.

20 December 2012

Adam & Steve

It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

You don't hear this one so often these days, but for a while it felt like the theological backbone of a lot of Christian anti-homosexual sentiment. It always annoyed me. Rhyming two words together is awesome and funny, but it does not constitute a defence of totalitarian heteronormativity.

5 December 2012

Condensed Soymilk

Condensed Soymilk

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