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29 July 2009

Harry Potter 6

I thought it was long, boring, silly and annoying. Nothing really happened except endless attempts to capture the angst of adolescent romance. Without even a whiff of success. The worst of the Harry Potter films I reckon.

7 Kilos

I've lost 7kg since January. I weigh less than I ever have since high school. 65kg. After an early but sustained L'Arche-fueled effort of 72kg and dropped down to 69kg after the canoeing trip. Then in the last two months I've lost another 4kg. It's probably all this diabetic-friendly food. One of these days you'll find my sad, frail little corpse curled up on the couch, with a cup of tea in my hand, blood sugar levels approaching nil and John Colman playing in the background.

28 July 2009

Happy Eggs

Happy Eggs, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

With the stamp of happy face approval you can rest assured that the
chicken that laid this egg was 100% certified happy.

21 July 2009

Google Contacts Sync with iPhone

Since I started using Google Contacts sync with my iPhone I've had big headaches with addresses. Addresses in the iPhone always end thinking they are in the United States no matter what I do in Google Contacts or on the iPhonee. I still don't understand exactly why this happens but I think it's probably to do with the fact that Google stores addresses as a big multi-line text block and the iPhone stores them as different fields. It's clearly a bug, but Google doesn't seem to think so and I'm not actually sure it's Apple's problem or Google's.

However, the problem improves if I use Nuevasync instead of Google Sync. And so far it doesn't seem to be any worse in other respects. So this is what I will do.

18 July 2009


Woose, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

I had to run for 7 minutes to catch a train. Now my calves are really
sore. I am the world's lamest lightweight. Or perhaps the world's best
lightweight depending on how they get ranked.

13 July 2009

Mildly Fat Cheek

Mildly Fat Cheek, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

Wisdom Tooth

I just got my bottom-right wisdom tooth sawed out of my face. The whole thing took about 20 minutes. I got to the surgery about 3:50pm and left about 4:10pm with my tooth, a fistful of gauze and a badly photocopied wound management sheet. The dentist had done about a million wisdom teeth. He even had to saw into my jaw to pull it out, but he scarcely paused. Sometimes there were three sharp instruments jammed into my mouth at once including the bone-saw, but the dentist sung along to the radio during the whole operation.

Now I have a very fat cheek and can't talk much. I also have some missing jaw so the next few days might be painful.

5 July 2009

Expensive Red Wheel

Expensive Red Wheel, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

Lunch at Darling Harbour

Lunch at Darling Harbour, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

4 July 2009

Making the kill

First person: [quietly to themselves] I'm going to throw her to the lions and let them make the kill.
Second person: Would you like some honey on your pancakes?
First person: [very happily] Yes please!

2 July 2009

Pretty truck

Pretty truck, originally uploaded by Nutloaf.

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