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27 July 2011

Soup Board

Last night Libby made us a delicious dinner. One of the most delicious she has made. However, in the process she melted one of our chopping boards. It was one of the boards from our four board, colour-coded set of boards. And it wasn't just any board. It was the chopping board specifically made for chopping soup. Our meat, vegetable and cheese boards are all thankfully in tact, but from now on our soup is going to be extremely chunky.

21 July 2011

Making Excuses

We won our court case against the DPP. The judgement is a bit interesting.

In the present case there is evidence that the proper authorities had been alerted to the questionable legality of the logging operation but the operation was continuing. The fact is that shortly after the accused’s arrest the operation was halted. Under such circumstances, I accept that the accused’s action was reasonable and he therefore had a reasonable excuse for doing what he did.

DPP vs Ryan Castle

13 July 2011

White Guilt

Question: Which of the following three is worse?

  1. White oppression
  2. White guilt
  3. White bread

For many the answer may seem obvious. Most people know of the evils of white bread and many are already resisting it's presence in our lives. However, white bread is not the worst of these three things. The far greater problem confronting us today is white guilt. White guilt is the sadness and shame that white people feel about being white. It is debilitating, frustrating and denies white people the chance to live free and happy lives. It needs to end.

While the flood of white bread into our lives must be firmly resisted, we must also remember that there are greater battles to be fought. White guilt is never OK.

umount: /media/xxx mount disagrees with the fstab

There's an issue with mount.cifs where if Windows/Samba shares are entered into /etc/fstab without a trailing slash non-root users will not be able to unmount shares they have mounted.

This works:

//server/MyLibrary/      /media/Personal cifs    users,rw,user=user%pass,uid=xxx,gid=xxx    0       0

This fails:

//server/MyLibrary      /media/Personal cifs    users,rw,user=user%pass,uid=xxx,gid=xxx    0       0

7 July 2011

FTP access update on sprint

In lieu of the highly successful hacking of my previous server, I've decided to completely turn off FTP on I've updated SFTP (which is file transfer over the properly secure SSH) access for everyone with an account.

That's only really going to affect these folks:


You folks will have to use FileZilla or some such that supports SFTP. I've also installed SSH2 support into PHP so that WordPress will let you update it automatically from the admin area using your same login details.

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