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26 February 2005

Single Men Beware

Blokes warned: get married, or be lonely when your mates do Mum just sent this too me. I'm not sure if it was a hint (of what sort I'm not sure), or she just thought it was an interesting article. Mum doesn't usually bother with ints, and that wouldn't make much sense anyway, so I'm going to assume it isn't one.

6 February 2005

Debt Relief

This is so happy. The G-7 are saying they'll provide 100% debt relief to the poorest countries. When I read it I started crying. I so hope it works. I know the difficult position the IMF et al are in too.

3 February 2005


Jem and I hung out yesterday. It was good. She helped me make the living room all nice. I walked out there this morning and was so happy about how nice it was. I even moved Jai's books onto bookshelves. I can't believe they all fitted, but they did. I watched Down With Love and Intimacy on the projector in the new room. They were both great films, and it was a great place to watch them. Thanks Jem!

2 February 2005


Libby emailed me. And I'm very happy.

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