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30 June 2004

Good Kinks

I like it when you're talking to someone. And you're agreeing with each other about something that people don't often agree on. So you've found someone with the same unusual sorts of ideas that you happen to have. And so you talk. And then they say something which suddenly seems strange. And you're not sure if you've just misunderstood what they just said, or if you've misunderstood all the stuff they'd said before it. You're trying to work it out, and trying to think of a polite way of checking which it is.

And then they say "But of course, that's not really true...", or they suddenly laugh at you wryly. Or the conversations twists back around into the direction it was heading, and the kink it had just been on makes sense. And you realise that you still agree on the odd sort of thing you're talking about.

Not only do you understand them when they are making sense, but you understand them when they aren't. And vice versa. That is something I love.

29 June 2004

Just Just

I blogged about people saying "just" all the time when they pray. I thought it was strange, and a bit funny. I didn't think anyone else noticed it, and felt kind of cynical. But Lauren noticed it too and she's a proper Christian, so she's allowed to talk about that sort of thing.

28 June 2004

Happy Little Vegemite

Yay, yay and yay! I got a Google Mail account. Dave found a thing, and told Andy, who told me. I now I've got one. It's so tops. And so fast, and so completely, unbelievably less crap than poor old Hotmail.


26 June 2004


Fi has joined us at the Bog.

25 June 2004


Teksolution have heaps better on-hold music than us. Ours is crappy Triple J music, all mono. Dodgy as hell through this tinny earphone plug cable.

Lousy Farmers and Blogger Encoding

While sitting here having a lovely conversation with Haley, I decided to work out why James' blog wasn't showing up on blogfeed. And of course, I'm sure you all guessed it, it was a blogger content type encoding problem. Silly blogger.

Yay Fun Yay

I'm Finished with a capital "f". Oh my word the yayness. I'm very glad. The exam wasn't even that bad. Though my 2 hours was about 5 hours too few. I don't reckon I did that topsly, but prolly good enough to pass. I went in early to cram with Ali, but we didn't. It was still good but.

At the end I was so over the moon, that I walked to Central while listening to Blonde on Blonde. Just tops.

24 June 2004

Crapfulness Social Science

Yay. They finally posted our marks. But boo, I got a crap one. It sucks when you put no effort into one thing and heaps into another thing, but you get the same mark for both.

The good thing is, if I go crap tomorrow in the exam, it's not going to bring down my average.

I should be grateful that my second mark went up at all. It's two whole points higher, breaking into the brave new world of upper-middle mediocrity.

Gee whiz. My HD average dropped to a credit average without so much as a cheeky wink.

Why is it that I do well in the non-writing bits of uni, and crappily in the writing bits? Especially when 47% of my university is ESL.

Karl Popper

Karl PopperKarl Popper is the bomb I reckon. Everyone bags him because they say he's just a positivist. From what I've read he isn't at all, and he's happy with a small, very sensible sort of proposition. If I've read it right, he basically said that instead of saying "facts" are things we know to be true, let's call facts things that could be proven wrong, but no one has been able to prove wrong.

So a theory makes some claim. It describes ways in which that claim is predictive and describes events that would prove the theory wrong were they to occur. Then everyone runs off to their laboratories and telescopes and does their best to prove it wrong. If no one can, then you can tentatively call it a fact. It doesn't mean that something is right, only that so far no one has shown that it's wrong. Which seems very good sort of assumption to make.

Cute Title

Self perpetuating oligarchies who feed on their own young

This is the title of a chapter in the paper I'm currently reading. It is amusing for me.

23 June 2004

Totally Broke

I'm broke.

Someone did a study, I think not that long ago. In that study they asked people how they rated their own ability to relate to other people. 80% of people said they were better than average at relating. I'm worse than average. I suspect much much worse. I don't know how to do it. And I'm not good at it.

I like economics so much because it's one of the only ways I reckon I can help people without having to be good at relating to them. I guess that's the stereotype isn't it.

On the up side, Jem bought a mushroom house today. We're going to have buckets and buckets of mushrooms for 8 whole weeks.

Sore Ribs

Man oh man. I sure found out. I counted up the marks I thought I'd probably got. 32 out of 60. If I get 29 then I fail the subject. So that sucks.

I forgot everything. I walked into the room and couldn't remember at all. The exam wasn't even hard. They were nearly all questions I could have fairly easily done the day before. I got much harder questions of the same sort right in the mid-session exam. I couldn't even find the answer to the simplest of simple annuity dudes.

On the up side, I was able to eavesdrop on an absolutely hilarious conversation on the bus on the way home.

And I almost talked to the girl. But didn't again.

My bruised-from-frisbee-diving ribs are really sore today. I'll go get a bandaid I reckon.

22 June 2004

Study Equals Happiness

It doesn't take very many weeks of being lazy, to make a waste of all the other weeks of unlaziness. I think I'm going to find that out first hand tomorrow morning at 8:45am. I've spent the last 12 hours straight trying to work out what has been going on in lectures the last 4 weeks. I'm still only vaguely sure.

Now I've got 6 hours sleep before I have to hop on a train. God bless sleep.


According to the Oxford Latin to English dictionary, the word fides means all these things.

  • allegiance
  • reliance
  • guarantee
  • loyalty
  • fidelity
  • faithfulness
  • engagement
  • dependence
  • promise
  • truth
  • trust
  • honour
  • conscientiousness
  • authenticity
  • faith
  • warrant

Which I reckon makes it a pretty good word to use for non-religious civil unions. I'm not sure how you'd create all the extra adjectives and verbs from it. Maybe Rach can do that part. Everything I think of sounds silly.

fidet, fiderite, fidate.

Needs some work.

21 June 2004

Frisbee Dives

Frisbee tonight. I haven't played for three weeks now, and it was good to be back. I didn't play super hot shit, but I did some good dives. And now I've got rocks in my arm and bloody grazes on my knees. I did two dramatic dive-falls. And they were both useful even.

I dropped it lots of other times, and threw a crapload of crap throws.

But we won, despite me.

My economics exam today was a bit nasty. Lots of vague theoretical questions. Won't do great, but I reckon I'll pass it.

On an even less lively note, I wish I was better at being normal.

New Word for Marriage

I reckon we need a new word for marriage. Let the church keep it, and just invent a new one that means "publically aknowledged, legally recognised commitment to a consenting adult partner for life". They good just update their laws with the new word. And since most of the authors and journalists are liberals anyway they might start using the new word. The church would be happy, because "marriage" is still unblemished by the horrors of equality. And gay folk could participate in an institution that over time would come to mean far more than church-endorsed but socially-sidelined marriage. Everyone's a winner!

A Sense of the Humour

I think it's odd how important humour is too me, and I think to lots of people. You might have nothing much in common with someone except your sense of humour, but it will seem like a lot. And yet there are other people, who you have heaps in common with but don't laugh so much with, who you think are very different. A sense of humour, and the ability to fart the alphabet, are good and important. But are they really that important? I think I would like to value other things more, and humour a tiny bit less.

Could you marry someone who never ever laughed at any of your jokes, but who was otherwise really tops?

20 June 2004

Welcome Beth

Beth is on the Blog Bog. I don't know who you are Beth, but welcome. And Lauren has been removed until she next posts.

Haley Rocks

Gay men CAN MARRY. Just not each other. How ashamed I am to admit that my government would rather legalize marijuana than legalize marriage between two loving men, or women. Haley

19 June 2004


I love the way showers warm you up completely, all the way through. There aren't many things that can do that once you get really cold. Probably only wood fires, or I guess long enough in a warm room.

And I just checked, and only weigh 62kg. I've lost 3kg in the last few months. That's not very good. Exercise is supposed to make me more healthy.

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