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30 June 2006


I just found a whole drawer of clothes I'd forgotten I had. Hurray.


Two days ago I finished uni for the semester. Today I went back to work at uni. My boss told me that was my next task was to check the new project for next semester's introductory statistics course and "do it" as a test run. Arrrhghrrrrrr.

It's actually OK. I feel like I've been given responsibility. Somehow.

Wind Power

I just got an electricity bill. It was $30 more than our last one. I freaked out, even though we should have used more because it's winter. Then I tried to work out the little graph at the back that gives you a comparison of your electricity. Working out little graphs is my job, so you'd think I'd have got pretty good at it. Sadly, I have not. But after enough nutting, I got it. And it turns out we've used exactly the same amount of electricity as last quarter. Or $3 more. But because we have the power of the wind, we have to pay a little extra. But that's such an awesome bargain. $27 for total wind powered hot watery, toastery, kettley, brilliant little bar heatery goodness. Good on you Tru Energy. You've done it again.


The teapot has gone. If I were to descend into a fit of panicky misery at the sadness of the house, I would have no recourse. The teapot truly was the heart of our little community.

29 June 2006


Today we killed our poor sad house. I can't help but feel resented by it.

28 June 2006


Well. Off to my exam I go. Let's hope all these extra blog posts haven't been wasted.

Update: Here I am at home, an hour before it's even due to finish. It was pretty hard, although I think I did OK. But gee whiz. If you were, like, good at maths, maths exams would be fully easy. You'd get 100% no worries, if you weren't crap at multiplying and subtracting like me. It's the subtracting where I really have problems actually. My multiplication is getting much better.

27 June 2006


Why would anyone use it? It's an awful, awful thing. Ugly. Reminds me of Hornsby Slot Cars. I can't figure out how to use it. It's slow. Um. Yep. Just horrible.

Dead Prez

Dead Prez rock. I get the feeling that they want us to go out and kill policemen and other oppressors, which isn't something I would normally condone. Their music is cool though. Good study rap.

Besides, what else are you going to rap about except killing oppressors? Rapping about love would be kind of lame.

Oooh. I wonder if listening to this shit is going to make me anti-social. I'm feeling it coming already just sitting here.


I've had so much tea in the last week. I'm starting to feel a little tea-woozy.


iTunes is pretty awesome. Everything you want it to do, it seems to do. It's so easy to use it's practically coerced me into importing my CD collection.


WaterFix is the thing that Sydney Water does where they came and make your whole house water efficient for $22. Awesome. I wonder if they could do this house by the time I leave.

Stupid Lousy Crap Soccer Rules

A miserable end to a fun old Australian World Cup. The most annoying thing was that the Aussies had been getting away with fouls far worse than that one all game. We tried to philosophise about it, but ultimately it's just crap.

26 June 2006

Today’s Top Stories

From Sydney Morning Herald:

Babysitter applied 240 volts to toddler
Family barbecue turns to tragedy

25 June 2006

No milk today

I haven't any soy milk. Nor have I any money to buy more. No tea til Tuesday it seems.

Unless I could visit someone with milk. I'll have to think on that for a while. The community house would seem like the obvious choice. They may start to suspect me if I show up there every few hours, make some tea and then leave. I need a group of houses that I can move around between to reduce the chance of being discovered.

24 June 2006

Holy Smoke

I just had 30 people walk through my little unit. It was the biggest house inspection I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. Fortunately I wasn't one of the people competing for it. It's weird. The rent has gone from $180 to $195, and there were about 20 people really keen to have it. When I looked at it, there was one other girl.

Some of the people were funny. They'd talk about the mildew smell, and the yucky kitchen. "It was cute though." It's a very strange dynamic. I offered people tea, but I didn't really expect them to accept. And they didn't.

West Timor

Does anyone want to go on a West Timor field trip with Opportunity International at the end of August? I've never been to West Timor before.


Jarhead was an interesting film. It wasn't what I expected; it was much more serious. Although it was cheerful as well. It reminded me a lot of Full Metal Jacket. This wasn't a war film at all. It was a soldier film. It was amazing to see what the 1990 war was actually like. I didn't realise that had 575,000 troops in Iraq for that war. If they had that many for a war they decided not to bother with, why did they send 180,000 for a war they wanted to "win". It also hammers home why you never win wars like that. Machines destroy far more humanity than they eliminate aggression. And soldiers don't do much better. If I'd been an Iraqi in that first war, I'd be fighting against them now.

Good old days

America's federal minimum wage is $5.15/hour. That apparently the lowest level, in terms of what you can buy, since 1955. The Economist

Hiddink: Sorry about the economy

But it's lovely to hear Down Under is going crazy … I think today, over there, it's Friday morning, so the work presence will be very low in Australia. It's damaging the Australian economy, and I'm sorry about that. Guus

23 June 2006


ALDI rice is uniquely bad. It's so disappointing. Because their White Flakes are do delicious.

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