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13 December 2010

Sunny Summers

I am having the nicest summer so far. Every day is a delight. I'm spent an almost perfect night and day in Hornsby with Hannah and Gem. And all the other days have been marvelous and full of friends as well. Although I have only been to the beach once.

11 December 2010

Sticks don’t work with iPhone

Sticks don't work with iPhone

Posted by Nutloaf

I jammed a stick into the bottom of my iPhone and it gave me this

6 December 2010

Wikileaks and Paypal

I've just deleted my Paypal account because they've prevented anyone from donating to Wikileaks. It only took a few minutes and I had the chance to tell them why I did it.

5 December 2010

L’Arche Bubbles

We had a L'Arche gathering a few months back. I wrote down some things to share with the people there.

  • L'Arche needs something radical
    • it has become a solution not a sign
    • people don't participate because of the number of people the organisation can support
  • Assistant movement should be symmetrical around the world
    • one country shouldn't have all it's assistance provided by overseas assistants
  • Core purpose of the community must be owned by the community (life in the houses)
  • Community life must be imaginable
    • without that there is no sign, it just becomes a funny and finite experiment
  • At one point L'Arche definitely had something to say to the world, and people listened to that
  • L'Arche is one radical idea, facilitated by an enormous and conservative structure and legacy
  • What role do leaders have who exclude themselves from the possibility of full involvement in the community?

Probably won't make much sense out of context, but I suppose it's a summary of why I think L'Arche is struggling. I'd like to rightwrite a proper something about my experience there some time.

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