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20 April 2005

Stats are for Nancy Boys

I love econometrics. It's so much fun. And so clever. And incredibly useful. I think I like it more than accounting maybe. There are so many things I want to do with it now. It's so tops at explaining what you can do with stats and why. And what you can't do. It's great to find out all these things you can do. And helpful to know that some things you just can't.

The theory behind it blows my mind. There are all these different shapes (distributions) that explain how various statistical measures vary in practice. I think it's just groovy that these nice elegant curves are embedded in nature and everything. If you drew a chi-squared or F-distribution, and sent it to an alien species, there's a good chance they'd know exactly what you were talking about. It's just brilliant. And from there you could use the ratios to explain decimals and basic maths. All without using a proper language I reckon. The proofs too are so elegant. They make me really jealous of the clever folk who did them. It's all beautiful. I can understand why dad has some much fun with it. You don't have to be nearly as smart or nerdy as I thought - although some may think I sound a little nerdy. But honestly, you should try it. It's very edifying.

I'm thinking about starting a wireless internet business, and every time I sit down to do econometrics homework it gives me ideas for ways I could make the business work better. There is so much good, cheap, effective technology out there now and people aren't really using it. It's actually not good. I was momentarily tempted to drop uni for a year, and go try start that business. Financing would be the only major problem. Which is really the main reason I couldn't do it while I was at university. I'd have to have another job at first to help pay for some initial research and software development. But it would be so much fun. I'd need a partner too though, and I can't think of anyone that would want to. Trying to think about the sort of person who might make a good partner has made me realise how useful accounting skills are. I think that would almost be at the top of the list.

Sadly, starting a business wouldn't get me any closer to saving the world. And saving the world is the reason I'm really at university. If it was just about the money, it might be different.


  1. Nice to know that SOMEONE in business cares about saving the world. Although I guess there are more people like you than I think. Or else there wouldn’t be so much vegan, organic etc. stuff to buy.

    Elise / 7:10pm / 21 April 2005

  2. Hey Ryan; I keep trying to read this guys blog, but I keep getting lost in the words. I dont normally concentrate very hard when I blog browsing. You might like it tho…

    He must be cool, he called his blog Billy Blog. Like, billy bragg but its a blog. ha ha.

    James / 1:37am / 25 April 2005

  3. That’s really funny. The Bill guy is my favourite ever university professor sort of person. I went to one of his talks when I was in Newcastle, and he was totally the bomb. I tried to get into one of his classes, but I couldn’t. If I had I’d be at Newcastle Uni now instead of UNSW.

    Ryan / 9:36am / 25 April 2005

  4. I’m not really in business. I’ve thought about starting one, but I don’t think that counts. But I’m sure there are nice people actually in business. There must be mustn’t there.

    Ryan / 9:38am / 25 April 2005

  5. For sure. I know lots’a nice people in bsuiness. It’s just their priorities/values that suck big time.

    Elise / 3:24pm / 25 April 2005

  6. tops! enjoy his rather wordy publications. one day ill sit down and have a serious attempt at his writing.

    James / 9:02am / 27 April 2005

  7. WHO

    Libby / 9:50pm / 12 May 2005

  8. I’ve got a padlock

    Libby / 9:52pm / 12 May 2005

  9. my spooon is tooo big

    Libby / 9:52pm / 12 May 2005

  10. WHO is a pretty boy?

    Libby / 9:52pm / 12 May 2005

  11. Not me I’m not – that’s for sure. I’m a man’s man, through and through.

    Ryan / 3:33am / 13 May 2005

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