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20 May 2005

Fat Vegans, Skinny Vegans

I wonder if I should post here that I'm not a vegan anymore. I feel like kind of a fraud owning this domain name. I don't fulfill any of the label. I wonder if I should donate it to a real fat vegan who's actually fat and actually vegan.

I still don't eat unhappy chicken eggs and honey or wear leather. Although I've been seriously considering buying a crappy second-hand leather jacket so I can ride a motorcycle. I'm bad.


  1. oh come on, you’re pretty fat

    Libby / 9:58pm / 20 May 2005

  2. for a sissy vegan anyway

    Libby / 9:58pm / 20 May 2005

  3. Are you still vegetarian?

    Elise / 2:08am / 22 May 2005

  4. I saw him ingest a steak once. Wouldn’t believe how fast it disappeared. Like water at the end of a desert.

    Willem / 6:29pm / 26 May 2005

  5. Yah…you should not have this domain name if you’re not vegan.

    Anonymous / 4:56am / 30 May 2005

  6. I’m still vegetarian. And I’m trying to decide if I should go back to being vegan.

    Ryan / 10:33am / 30 May 2005

  7. I discovered that there are people that make really good vegan motorcycle jackets. So I’m the happiest pea in the pod.

    Ryan / 6:21pm / 4 June 2005

  8. Aww, this site makes me sad – I wanted the domain name myself, and it’s doubly bad if the owner isn’t vegan.

    Come back to us! :hypnoeyes:

    Emily / 9:47am / 27 June 2005

  9. i’m a fat vegan.. mostly medications did that to me.. but i qualify.

    kinda sad isn’t it?

    lj / 2:02pm / 13 August 2007

  10. I think medication is cheating. I am getting fatter the natural vegan way – from too much potato and bread. My BMI is over 19 these days.

    Ryan / 3:17pm / 13 August 2007

  11. I’m fat and a Vegan…..Although I am a new vegan…….and I do feel…lighter

    It is not sad lj, it is the truth..YOU ROCK…

    I am still Vegan Editing away!

    Jana / 10:14am / 18 January 2008

  12. poop poop poop you eat poop ;D

    oieawj / 4:33am / 21 April 2008

  13. medication for me is mandatory, or i croak. (not like a frog either :() anywho…. i have great cholesterol (83 was the numbers) i lost 40lbs, don’t ask me where it went.. (probably downtown where all the bright lights are?) my butt hurts now because it’s pointy! and i’ve not had any thing but veggies and fruits… steamed or raw. i poop alot also, heheheheh, i sent it downtown also, via my friendly toilet bowl. mr. bowl is nice, he puts up with my … sh*t.. bad commode joke i know. (there, i typed dumb stuff to see if anyone will reply… amazing to see how late the dates are here from the first post.)

    lj / 1:46pm / 21 July 2008

  14. I vote go back vegan. Live your life the way you know is right and fuck everyone who gives you crap. Or judges you. Check out the Vegan Freak podcast. It was like therapy for me when I was trying to get my herbivore/omnivore head straight.

    Jessica / 1:53pm / 24 September 2008

  15. I have gone vegan again. It’s better. I read the Vegan Freak book, although I don’t think it changed how I felt. It was good but.

    Ryan / 8:50pm / 25 September 2008

  16. I’ve been a loyal vegan for about 15 years now and I AM totally chubby.
    Yup, I’m a real ‘Fat Vegan’ and I’m loving it :D

    Me / 1:24pm / 17 October 2008

  17. I’m still a pretty skinny vegan. Although working/living at the new job/life where I don’t do exercise and eat all the time is quickly changing that.

    Ryan / 8:32pm / 26 October 2008

  18. I really hope you go vegan again, or get give this domain name to someone who deserves it. I will never understand “ex-vegans” and their pseudo-justifications for going back after so clearly seeing the ‘light’ of veganism.

    asha / 2:22am / 28 December 2008

  19. I am a proper vegan again. And I’m getting fatter, but by bit.

    Ryan / 8:11am / 28 December 2008

  20. that’s good… you’ve joined the cause again!

    Rachel / 5:55am / 24 March 2009

  21. Yay!

    Anonymous / 1:35pm / 28 May 2009

  22. A crappy leather jacket won’t protect you any more than a jean jacket. Go for an awesome professional double-thick jacket or cheap denim. The in-between isn’t any better than the cheap.

    Dave / 3:15pm / 24 June 2009

  23. I’m a fat vegan too. PETA would really hate me as they say that only meat eaters are fat and all vegans are slim and beautiful. Presumably they are young, too. I fall down on this one too – I’m pretty old – 61 in fact.

    However, I make no apologies for being what I am. I eat really healthily and do lots of exercise. When I was younger (and lacto-vegetarian) I did a lot of dieting, but the weight all went back on again. When I became vegan I was told that now I did not eat eggs or dairy products the weight would fall off. It didn’t. So now I accept my size, it must be the way nature intended me to be. Anyway at my age I have to watch my bone density and as oestrogen, which keeps bones strong, is stored in the fat cells after the menopause. it seems that fat women of a certain age win hands down when it comes to avoiding brittle bones.

    Sorry to go on so long. I’m happy and self-accepting as a vegan who is old(ish) and fat.

    Susanna / 9:53am / 3 July 2009

  24. Things you are never likely to hear or read: 1) Olympic Weightlifter: “I owe this Gold Medal to my Vegan diet! 2) Headline: Super Bowl Champs, Credit Vegetable-Only Diet 3) MMA Fighter: “It was an even fight until the vegetable’s kicked in” 4) Pravda: “Ballerina eschews meat, stands on toes 6 minutes longer than when she followed Paleo” 5) MVP of NHL Championship: “Rootabega only, enough said” 6) US Army General: “Morale is suffering due to the lack of ability to grow vegetables in the desert, our forces have been relying on a steady diet of meat and subsequently forgot how to kick ass.” 7) “I’m starting a fat-paleo website!” Seriously…. Type in ‘Fat Vegan’ in google and see how many results detail discussions/complaints about being a fat vegan. Type in ‘Fat Crossfiter’ or ‘Fat Paleo’ and all you get are sites detailing the health benefits of crossfit or the paleo diet with documented results. No wonder Vegans only sleep with other Vegans.

    John Millen / 6:46am / 4 July 2009

  25. Those are some entertaining examples. I am very fortunate that don’t want to be any of those people. I doubt that the ability to “kick arse” in a war is something most vegans really aspire to.

    Ryan / 9:02am / 4 July 2009

  26. Thanks for the jacket advice. It’s quite a relief to hear.

    Ryan / 9:03am / 4 July 2009

  27. PETA is quite silly but I do like how angry they are. I’ve never known a vegan older than about 30. Good to know there are some.

    Ryan / 10:30pm / 27 July 2009

  28. Vegans get fat from too much soy.

    Pei Mei / 10:19pm / 23 November 2009

  29. You have to do what makes you happy

    maren / 8:40am / 25 April 2010

  30. soy is bad for you i agree with 28

    maren / 8:41am / 25 April 2010

  31. Yes. Soy might be quite bad. I’ve discovered oat milk recently and it is real good.

    Ryan / 9:31am / 25 April 2010

  32. i’m a fat vegan and i would love to have this domain so i can blog about going raw and trying to lose the fat. i’ve been veg since 1976 and vegan since 1999. i’m 48 years old now and fat even though my face looks like a 30 year old. sigh. if you’re willing, i’d love it…

    amy / 2:44am / 7 June 2010

  33. I reckon that might be OK. I’ll have to work out what domain I’d move too. I’ll give it some thought.

    Ryan / 12:44pm / 7 June 2010

  34. I haven’t probably got the time to move everything around just now. But I will keep it in mind.

    Ryan / 3:12pm / 26 July 2010

  35. does any of this sh– really matter? obviously vegans come in all shapes and sizes. so do meat eaters. who gives a fu–?

    wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute! / 5:12pm / 1 March 2011

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