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26 February 2008

There Will Be Blood

I went and saw There Will Be Blood by myself last night. That was a bad idea. I thought it was a very bad film. And the film was very long and it started very late. Daniel Day-Lewis was totally fantastic and the script was rather mesmerising, in a good sort of way. I was enjoying it a lot at first, just for the dialogue. But the story and characters didn't make much sense to me at all. There were a lot of WTF moments. I did fall asleep for a few minutes at the end, but I don't think that made the difference.

I think the problem came down to not having a hot, busty love interest. Bust is a great device for binding plot strands into a coherent story. It's a staple of American cinema, even historical oil-fossicking stories. This director thought he was clever enough to make an oil film without any bust in it, but he was sadly optimistic.

This director, Paul Thomas Anderson, did Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia and _Boogie Nights. I reckon all three were far better films than this.

A disturbing piece of trivia - it appears that our chum Paul directed Boogie Nights when he was 27. Gee golly. I am almost that old, but certainly not almost that clever.


  1. You’re almost that night?

    Tom / 10:22am / 26 February 2008

  2. Hmm. When I changed “night” to “old” the sentence makes more sense. So I’ll go with old.

    Ryan / 10:48am / 26 February 2008

  3. sounds liek all teh award winning movoes this year are dogs. Lots of people have also said the coen bros one is bad too. its sad the’re bad

    keith / 10:46am / 27 February 2008

  4. Tom really like No Country for Old Men, and I’d really like to see it. The problem is I mostly know girls, and girls mostly don’t like guns.

    Ryan / 11:13am / 27 February 2008

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