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24 August 2009


Often one seems to get into conversations about the ideal partner. People tend to run off quite a list of things they look for in a partner and these lists seem to get longer as people get older and more grizzled. Sadly, being very grizzled isn't on many people's lists so everything matching lists to partners gets trickier and trickier as time goes by.

At one point I had a very long list sitting somewhere at the back of my mind. But in recent times (last 10 years or so) the list has been whittled down to one thing. When people ask me what it's important to me in a partner I always just say "kindness". At times, I've wondered if being superficially attracted is helpful too but I don't really know.

However, the problem with smug little short lists like mine is that they might be smug and utter bullshit. When people who are kind (and attractive) come along I suddenly start to wonder about a whole lot of other things. All those things that people throw into more comprehensive lists.

The outcome is not very good at all. You end up being smug. And single. And just as confused as everyone else anyway.


  1. So, who that’s kind has come along???? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!!

    Claire / 10:16pm / 24 August 2009

  2. I’m not going to start getting all introspective when just one data point undermines my hypothesis.

    Ryan / 10:12am / 25 August 2009

  3. Shit, possibly the worst outcome ever. I mean just the smugness on its own might be ok. But singleness, that’s the pits…

    Libby / 4:35pm / 28 August 2009

  4. I know! Probably worse than herpes even.

    Ryan / 5:57pm / 28 August 2009

  5. I threw away my list and figure I’ll just ask Jane if she thinks they’re OK.

    lesley / 10:42am / 29 August 2009

  6. That’s a much better idea actually.

    Ryan / 1:09pm / 29 August 2009

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