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4 December 2011


The hommous in my life had been going so well. I'd made it every day for two weeks and every time was almost delicious or actually delicious.

But I started to get experimental. I started to get hippy. I thought I could do it without tinned chickpeas. I thought I could buy them dried and in bulk and cook them myself to use less packaging.

So I did. I soaked them overnight. Then I cooked them slowly in a pressure cooker for about 5 hours. Then I made hommous in the blender just as I had been. Simple, but usually quite yummy.

The hommous was horrible. Tasted like dust. Soggy dust. And just mushy. I thought maybe sitting it in the fridge for a day or too would make it better. It made it worse. I gave the rest to the chickens.

Now I am no longer happy when I think of hommous. I feel nervous and unhappy. I hope this hommous malaise doesn't stay long.


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