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7 September 2008

Woke up on the Hay plain

... to the voice of a raucous train announcer. 6:27 and the breakfast buffet is open. We've trained through all night and we're right on course for Broken Hill. After eight character building hours of Australia's finest seat sleep, it's time for some eggs, bacon and beans on toast without the eggs and bacon.

6 September 2008

Training away

Trains really are the most fun. It's just like being in an old mystery movie. All these different people have been thrust together and are stuck on this train. I think there's some mischief going on with the crew. I just walked past two crew in the kitchen and one of them said "Sssshhh. None of them can know." There was also a strange passenger man standing next to them, who I now assume is compromised. I'd like to assume the best of him but I know that these train trips really bring out the spy in people.

I also found a very noice pumpkin soup for dinner. They have a lot of delicious, budget (in price and quality) train food which reminds me very fondly of plane food. Although perhaps that is not so surprising.

It is wonderful though. So much better than driving. And apart from the industrial espionage everyone is so laid back. Totally winner.

13 August 2008

Trains and Planes

Ha! I thought that planes were pretty much always cheaper than trains for long distances. But it turns out they aren't. If you're willing to take days instead of hours and sleep in a chair for all those days. I have a scheme to go to Alice Springs for September and I don't want to fly. But I thought I would pay heaps for a return train fare. As it turns out you can get super budget returns from Sydney to Alice Springs for $398 going on The Indian Pacific and The Ghan.

The cheapest equivalent flight costs $544 return, and the value isn't nearly so good because it only lasts a few hours.

So I reckon catching a train is my plan. If I had a bit longer I'd get the unlimited train travel for 6 months ticket for $590. That would be amazingly brilliant, but I'd spend the whole month on trains if I trained it to Darwin and Perth as well.

4 May 2008

Giant House

Giant House!

This house was very big. Perhaps not oversized compared to the average house, but most definitely oversized compared to the average house you see scooting along at 100km/h on the back of a truck.

Quiet Centre

Quiet Centre

3 May 2008

Final Road Trip Route

Final Road Trip Route

This is the final route the intrepid road trippers ultimately tripped. It was a mighty fine adventure.

It was 7,371km according to Google but the trip meter reckons we drove about 9,700km (including the optional detour to Uluru).

3 April 2008

Things to do in Mount Isa

  • Catch up on post cards
  • Do your washing (+40°C heat excellent for drying)
  • Work on your tan (UV Index 13 (Extreme) most days)
  • Chat to friends back home (fast internet)
  • Meet new people (unisex dorms) ;)

From Travellers Haven Backpacker Hostel

We're spending two days in Mt Isa. Totally awesome.

18 February 2008

Road Trip!

Road Trip plans are coming along merrily. I will be trying to get in contact with anyone who said they were either fairly interested or very fairly interested. However, if you'd like to express fresh interest to make sure you get contacted, that would be a good idea.

At this stage we're expecting 8-12 people I reckon. So everyone get in now while the group is small.

My phone number is 0423184673 and my email is

19 September 2007

Roadtrip Chatter

I've created a Roadtrip Forum. If you apply for membership you can start posting.

15 September 2007


Map of road trip

Route locations

13 September 2007

Bus Economics

My second, by more concerted, attempt at working out the economics of the buses for our little Alice Springs Road Trip. It gets a lot more expensive when we don't all squash into the same bus.

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