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30 October 2006

WordPress Feed Plugin

I got sick of all the other WordPress RSS plugins, so I wrote another one. It doesn't use Magpie, because that's been pretty buggy for me. And it doesn't let you have different cache times for different feeds on the same page. This one uses PEAR, which I like more, but it's obviously a shame to throw in the whole of PEAR when WordPress has tried to avoid it. WordPress also stays away from classes, and plugins are kind of meant to, but configuring most RSS plugins is an arse.

I think I'm hoping that this will be easier for people to fiddle with than some of the others. I suspect that writing your own function for this could be easier than configuring the ones I've tried so far.

$feed = new Feed('');
$feed->simple(); // Or $feed->extended()

There's a shortcut function to make things a bit neater.

feed($url, $limit, $lifetime, $extended);

You'll need XML_RSS and Cache_Lite. It doesn't support anything except RSS either.


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