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29 February 2008

Probable New House

We are planning to move to Woodcourt St, Marrickville.


  1. Ryan, I am sad the Enmore House Community is all going in different directions. As I wrote on Mil’s blog, I think it was a special space you all created there. I wish you well in the new place you are moving to.

    Stella / 5:58pm / 29 February 2008

  2. hope it works out for you guys. it looks nice. who gets the fun separate bit?

    jenny / 6:12pm / 29 February 2008

  3. It was a special place. I hope our new house is special too.

    Ryan / 7:24pm / 29 February 2008

  4. i just looked at the link and like the place especially for its 3 car driveway, now i can park my car without any hassel when i come and visit u. how about do a party, get a little drunk and relax at the new place party. ok getting drunk could be a maybe , could find a local pub around there somewhere. how much is the rent, u guys will be paying. the floor plan i saw, u can make atleast 6 bedrooms, study into it and i just saw the family room, that as well so 7 and the 2 sheds outside , can also become into a bedroom or 1 of them.

    Anmol / 10:06pm / 29 February 2008

  5. i agree with anmol. the 2 sheds are definately rooms (jokes)

    van / 4:10pm / 1 March 2008

  6. it looks nice. i love marrickville. and so close to marrickville road. who is going to live with you?

    jo / 1:30am / 3 March 2008

  7. We’re not sure yet. But so far it seems to be me, Matt, Chris (my friend from uni) and Chris’s sister.

    Ryan / 9:01am / 3 March 2008

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